Are you desiring to be a classier version of yourself? If so, Lady University is definitely the lifestyle brand for you. We focus on all things feminine, and that includes being classy. This is a lifetime journey! Let’s jump right in: 

Three Areas to Becoming A More Classy Woman: 

1. Attitude | Social Behavior | Demeanor 

2. Manners and Etiquette

3. Appearance

People easily will judge (people judge whether you like it or not) if a woman is classy by one of these attributes listed above. A classy woman is viewed by what she wears, how she carries herself, and how she interacts with others. Here’s a breakdown to better understand each area. 

1. Attitude | Social Behavior | Demeanor

This area is vital. As the saying goes, it’s essential to be “beautiful inside and out.” Your perspective on life can dictate your lifestyle as a classy and feminine woman. It doesn’t matter what circumstance you’re in, being positive, and up-beat will ALWAYS shine. Stay gracious as Beyonce states, and others will quickly be drawn to you. Being kind to others is always vital in being classy. View the glass half full versus half empty. People are drawn to happy, soft, warm, feminine women. Acting like a lady isn’t just in your actions but your frame of mind. Be yourself, be respectful to others, and remain reliable to others. Have strong morals and values, and never sacrifice them for anyone. If you’re continually having to change yourself when around certain people, this is an indication that you’ve possibly outgrown your old self. That’s another post, but this means you need to grow as a person to be a better version and change your environment. 

Things classy women don’t do: 

  1. Yell
  2. Raise your voice
  3. Curse

Classy and feminine women are polite and respectful of others. They have manners and friendly body language. Always be mindful of what your body language may be conveying. 

2. Manners and Etiquette- Etiquette isn’t something you mainly learn in a class. It’s honestly a lost art – hence why Lady University was created. Some women naturally have excellent etiquette skills, while others may have to learn by reading books or our blogs. ::smiles::: How you treat those around you says a lot about you. 

3. Appearance- This is a big one. It is a fact, women are more respected by our attire. Always make your first impression your best. Your posture plays a role in appearance as well. Ladies, don’t skip the gym. Take care of your body. Appearance also is how you present yourself online and on social media. Be yourself. Don’t overdo your makeup. This may flock some feathers, but it has never in history be deemed classy to be naked overly showing boobs or your butt on social media. If you aren’t comfortable in heels, don’t wear them. 

There is so much that goes with being a classy woman. It’s really about evolving and embracing the journey. Don’t beat yourself up. If there’s anything I missed, share below in the comments. Love to hear your feedback. 

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