Lady University is proud to present the 1st Monthly Book Club Social for our KeepItFeminine.Club Members! You’re invited to join us for a virtual social evening of connecting, socializing and fun! This is an exclusively FREE social for our active sisters. We’re extending the invitation for non-sisters to become a part of the sisterhood.

To jump start our 1st Book Club Social, we’re asking you to do the following…

bring hardback books, digital books and/or suggestions of books to read, and/or shows (episodes) to watch for the upcoming socials to come. We will discuss our interest in books along with pick out future books for the next social.

This event is a great opportunity for you to get to meet other sisters of Lady University and our team. Feel free to bring a friend. Membership will be closing soon!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming emails, to RSVP!

Keep it Feminine ladies! xo



Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University


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