When you think of marriage what do you see? Hopefully, it’s not on the white wedding dress and party. Of course, we want our dream wedding, but what about the marriage? As a high-value feminine woman, are you striving to have the dream marriage? You see, these are two totally different things. Although it is easy to create a dream wedding with a lavish budget, what about creating your dream marriage?

If you ask your married friends how the married life is, I’m almost 100% sure they will say it’s great if you marry the right person. Seldomly do they mention being the right person. Marriage is a 2-way street. Healthy marriages are aware of the things I will share in this article. It’s important to know what you value in your marriage. Here are crucial qualities that will help single ladies know if they want to marry a person and married women know what needs to be fixed.  

Emotional Vulnerable Marriage 

Undeniably, this is one of the most important things to consider in a marriage. From the day you say yes, you will be combining different frames of thinking and it’s important to be able to be open to hearing each other’s thoughts and desires. The key to a successful marriage is to be comfortable discussing that. Being vulnerable creates intimacy with your spouse. Vulnerability allows you to dive closer into your spouse and create a strong bond. The goal is to make marriage a place to safely share thoughts and feelings without being condemned. The key is talking it out. 

Faithful and Trustworthy Marriage 

This is a given but it has to be stated. We all want a marriage that is built on commitment – no cheating but it’s far deeper than that. We need a marriage that has boundaries with our mind, body and soul. That means refraining from fantasizing about other relationships or people and being completely faithful even in the mind. This requires a strong level of self-discipline and self-awareness. Your spouse should come first. 

An Equally-Yoked Marriage

If you’re religious, your spouse should be or have an appreciation and respect for your beliefs. If you’re spiritual, your spouse should be conscious and follow suit. This is very similar to the first two mentioned. Marriage is about building intimacy through many avenues. The beauty of marriage is learning more about your inner self and growing. You grow spiritually, mentally or physically. An equally-yoked marriage creates an opportunity to be intimate and open about your thoughts and ideas.  

A Transparent and Honest Marriage 

Transparency is the core of any relationship, friendship or marriage. If there isn’t trust, I honestly believe there isn’t a marriage. Your marriage requires you to be able to be transparent and communicate. Communication builds trust. Trust takes time to build. It’s easy to break the trust. Do what you say you are going to do and allow yourself to share your true and honest feelings. If you find yourself having issues with trust, ask yourself, “Why do I feel this way? What will help me trust them again?” 

A Forgiving Marriage 

No one is perfect and to think that you will never upset your spouse is a dream. Healthy marriages are created when two people understand they can be wrong. Don’t be too egotistical to apologize and admit it. It is not weak to admit your faults. 

Don’t hold grudges and never bring up the past, especially if you’ve resolved those issues. If you can’t get over something, seek counseling. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Don’t let the media lie to you. Yes, you will have disagreements and sometimes tough conversations, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the one for you. What’s important is understanding what your union is to you. Ladies, we have the power to mold our union to the most beautiful marriage of our dreams, it starts with you. 

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