Lady University is all about sisterhood! Our membership program, KeepItFeminine.Club is for every woman!


Lady University is an online sisterhood. Our community of women will help and support each other through conversation and networking at our sociable events. We embrace the opportunity to network and connect with other successful women. Lady University sisters will indeed develop lasting friendships and business relationships.

*Lady University Welcome Packet

LadyUniversity members are given a kit full of goodies to include a virtual membership card, *Lady University Tee and other collectibles to represent Lady University well. Note: Lady University Tee’s and other collectibles to represent Lady University are given to General and Professional Members Only. 

Professional Development Opportunities. 

Lady University offers exclusive luncheons – which are free to members and more formal luncheons and dinners as well as annual gatherings.

Exclusive Quarterly Newsletter. 

Our members gain the opportunity to receive exclusive e-letters regarding the latest news with Lady University. Professional Members gain the opportunity to share their upcoming events as well.

As a member, you can attend many of our events free or at the member discount rate and access the member-only areas of the website to view discounted shopping cart, archived newsletters and invitations to exclusive events. Members also have the opportunity for leadership within the organization.

We’re a safe place for women to evolve into womanhood. Our community offers feminine tips, self-love and confidence guides, advice on dating & marriage, proper etiquette & manners, dating quality men and how to attract them, building healthy friendships and how to nurture them, femininity, modest seduction while remaining wholesome and everything about living the lady lifestyle!

Our goal is to help women learn how to use their feminine superpowers to elevate their love life, friendships and what’s most important, their self-esteem. Become a part of the new wave of femininity where positive women are growing, succeeding and changing the direction of being a woman.  

Don’t wait! We’re on instagram at @KeepItFeminine_

P.S. You’ll love our Keep it Feminine Book Club where we focus on all things feminine! Join the conversation and engage with other like-minded women! We’ll tap into books that engage your prospective on:

Family Values

and more!


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