There seems to be no ideal way to plunge into this discourse on feminism and femininity. Even with solid points, a debate will always exist whenever the subject is raised. In this article, however, we at Lady University want to talk about the differences and similarities between feminism and femininity. Keep in mind that we are strong advocates for femininity. So, feminine women, put on your thinking hat, let’s get into it!

What does feminism mean?

Have you ever wondered what feminism really means? We have too. Having carried out strong research, it would be wise to say it depends on who’s defining the term. But, we believe that true feminism in the most basic dissection of its definition is a movement for women to be accorded equal human rights as men socially, politically, and domestically.

In essence, feminism is the motion moved for women to be treated fairly on all fronts like the male folk. Shortly, we will deepen the discourse on the views of neo-feminism and how femininity is related to feminism.

What is the meaning of Femininity?

Unlike feminism, the majority agree that femininity is the quality of being womanly, effeminate, female-like, ladylike, etc. if we’re to give a detailed definition, guess what it would be?

Femininity is the quality of being female-like, womanly, or ladylike in behavior and appearance (Feminine women, wink if you agree). If you would like to have a more elaborate discussion on this, send us a suggestion. If you have questions about it, read till the end.

Now, we could go on to give you a detailed breakdown of the history of feminism (girl, it did not start today!) but since we’re majorly focused on establishing the relationship between these two terms and how they should not be mutually exclusive, we’ll leave the extras for some other time.

Differences Between Femininity and Feminism

As stated earlier, it depends on whose point of view you choose to look at. You can trust ours though.

Primarily, these terms are different.

1.     Feminism is a movement. Femininity is a quality or set of attributes affiliated with women.

2.     Feminism focuses on fighting for equal rights with men in certain aspects of life. Femininity focuses on what makes a woman womanly.

Let’s quickly look at the similarities. It would form the basis on which the rest of our discussion is built.

Similarities Between Femininity and Feminism

1. They both concern women primarily.

We say primarily because women are the ones affected majorly. This doesn’t mean men aren’t concerned. High caliber masculine men are also feminists and femininity advocates.

2. They both speak to and of basic human rights and behavior.

While there are many theories on femininity being a product of nurture and social influence, we should remember that nature also plays a role. Nature points us in the direction things should go in most cases. We would elaborate on this as we go on.

Femininity in Feminism

Being a feminine woman entails so many things. However, social influence and the history of men maltreating women have given femininity a wrong connotation which is weakness. This is probably why neo-feminists do not subscribe to femininity.

But if you think about it, a feminine woman asserts herself fully while fighting for her right and this makes her fight even more reasonable and honorable. Femininity in females is the result of nature and nurture. Remember we said earlier that nature points us in the right direction.

The Role of Nature in Femininity

Research has shown that the attributes of femininity (gentleness, display of emotions, empathy, tendency, and affinity for love and care, etc) are strongly connected to the neurological and hormonal makeup of women. That aside, the very act that your body is female inside and out shows that this is what you’re configured to be. So, why not embrace what and who you naturally are?

For those who would quickly raise the question about hermaphrodites, it would be wise to know that there are always exceptions to the rule.

The Role of Nurture in Femininity

Nurture plays a very huge role in how a person thinks and behaves. It behooves us to nurture the following nature. Let’s consider this. Many girls/women are feminine because they have/had such exemplary figures in their lives who point(ed) them in that direction. The same could be said for those who have masculine tendencies because they grew up amongst more males than females.

Anyone who is naturally female would still have an innate desire or tendency to be feminine even if it doesn’t seem that way. Mannerisms can be learned and unlearned. Lady University is here to help you become a true high-class woman.

Femininity Compliments Feminism

The problem is that neo-feminists do not see it. Feminism should be about fighting to be treated fairly as a human while embracing and maintaining your original self. By being womanly, you are making a statement saying, “I am proudly a woman and I deserve to be treated right. I do not have to be a man. I am enough as a female human being.” That right there is the hottest thing to see. That is the true feminist. Any real masculine man will respect you and treat you right.

There is no point in declaring sexual or gender ambiguity to get what you want. You can be a woman with a compassionate heart, a fierce soul, a hot body, and a sharp brain! Don’t be afraid to strut in your high heels and still demand your right as a human being.

Ladies, what’s important is to, love yourself, all of you, and show up like that, always. That’s true feminism. At this point, you can dare say there really isn’t a difference between femininity and feminism. Nobody says you can’t wear makeup and still be a boss. What are your thoughts? You know we love to hear from you. (xoxo)


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