All women can be feminine. For some, femininity is as natural as living life. For others, the art of femininity can be changing who you currently are. In this post, I want to discuss how and why femininity is a hidden secret, especially because the world is becoming less and less feminine.

What is femininity?

Let’s start with the definition. Femininity is being in touch with the essence of what makes a woman powerful. It inspires men to be manly. It’s kindness, grace, loving, sweet, soft, sexuality, seduction, being a quality wife and mom, sex appeal, delicate, mystery, and the list goes on.

Femininity is the opposite of masculinity. Women are genuinely operating in her femininity when she practices self-care – loving herself and putting herself first.

Being feminine changes the men you attract.
If you don’t see the value of being feminine, you won’t be motivated to beginning your journey.

What are the benefits of being feminine? When you are acting in your feminine, you begin to feel beautiful. You start to feel aligned, balanced, natural, sexy, and the list goes on. You stop complaining about men because you attract quality men. Men worship the ground you walk on. If you’re in a relationship or married, your man/husband begins to look at you as the prize.

The #1 place to start with your journey to femininity is your appearance and mindset.

When you upgrade your appearance, you show those around you that your standards have changed, and you demand respect.

The journey to femininity causes you to attract a better life for yourself. Those around you, love your presence and energy because you give off high vibrations.

If you’re interested in starting your feminine transformation, I have some tips for you. Every week is a week to get rid of dead masculine weight. If that means doing tons of research or merely joining Lady University where like-minded women connect with you on the same journey, you do it! (Yes, that was a shameless plug to join our fast-growing private community.)

You can start by purchasing some makeup, doing something you’ve never done like get a facial, buying a dress, always deciding to wear heels even if it’s a kitten heel, or simply removing anything that’s keeping you from elevating yourself. It could be creating a vision board or Pinterest mood board to envision the life you see for yourself.

Ladies, this feminine journey is a beautiful thing. Trust me. If you need help on how to start, the first start would be to join us. You’ll be happy you did!


Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University

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