Ladies, let’s talk about dating. I am sharing how you should interpret the person you’re dating by these tips. 

Rule #1: Men should never schedule a date on the same day that he wants to go out.

This is not considered a date. If he wants to meet up Friday night for dinner, he should not call you Friday night and ask you to meet up. If this happens on the first date, thank them for asking but nicely decline because you have already made plans. He will understand that if he wants to spend time with you, he will have to plan ahead of time. 

You are not someone who is available when they are bored, lonely or busy. You are valuable. 

Rule #2: If he asks to take you out, allow him to pick the day, time and location.

It’s okay to add your two cents in here and there but let him LEAD. This is his opportunity to show you how much of a planner and leader he is. 

Paying Rules: The person who invites is the person who handles the bill. 

Rule #3: Be on time for the date.

It’s common courtesy, to call and/or text if you’re running behind BEFORE you’re late. Send your location also adds a layer of communication to the other person of your tardiness. 

If he does these 3 things, things are definitely on track for a good start. Let me know your experience with these. Share below!

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