Living a rich, fulfilling, and quality life is possible. It is more about the choices you may than your social status or income. If you’re following Lady University on social media or receive our feminine emails, you know that we’re big on creating a feminine lifestyle. Mindset and the choices you make are a huge factor in having a quality life. 

Your model should always be quality over quantity, true style over trend-chasing, living to work vs. working to work. 

In this blog post, I want to share 8 strong pillars to living your best life. If you have control over these, you’re headed in the right direction!

Have a strong sense of self-care, self-worth, and self-respect.  

If this isn’t the most important pillar of them all- it truly is. I firmly believe if you don’t have this in tack, all else will fail. Understanding your sense of self-worth and self-respect gives you the mindset to even want the best life for yourself. You must learn the art of respect. Respect yourself, others, and the atmosphere. You are worthy, you are desired, and you are essential. If you don’t believe that, no one else will.

Financial Stability 

Living your best life isn’t cheap. Of course, money isn’t the world. Many homeless people are happier than some of the wealthiest people; however, money is the gateway to getting material things you desire life. Some say money is the root of evil. I believe the lack thereof money is the root of all evil. The point of this pillar is to develop a healthy relationship with money that suits your lifestyle needs. 

Quality & Healthy Relationships 

Living a quality life is also dependent on those around you—your friendships, lover, family, and work-space play a massive role in your mindset. One of the most important things a woman can do is protect her peace. Surround yourself with those who are like-minded and also uplift and support you and your lifestyle. Good energy is vital. If you’re surrounded by good energy, you become better. 

Healthy Lifestyle 

Health is wealth. Living your best life includes taking care of your health. This goes back to the first pillar. Take your vitamins, drink waters, and mind your business. A healthy, focused mind can move mountains. 

Nurture your nest

As they say, “home is where the heart is,” it’s also where a clear mind is. When your environment is neat, and in order, your mind and heart will follow. Living your best life is about living it to the fullest – mind, body and soul, and home! 

Create Everyday Rituals 

If you read any book on self-development, they will mention the rituals they followed to get them to where they are. Like the ladies who have joined Lady University to evolve into the women they’re meant to be, everything takes discipline. Make it a choice daily to carry out rituals that feed your mind, body, and soul. 

Establish a Signature Feminine Style

When you’ve done everything on the inner to live your best life, it’s time to work on the outer. Your style speaks before you do. Develop a look for how you dress, decorate your home, and your demeanor. Of course, you want to be natural. It’s okay to fake it till you make it. Look at it as creating a habit. Work towards creating a feminine wardrobe that represents the person inside. 

Be Addicted to Learning New Things and Being Open-Minded 

Living your best life will cause you to explore outside your comfort zone at times. If you’re not interested in exploring or learning new things, you can easily be stuck at being the old you. Allow curiosity to drive you. Try new dishes, date outside of your type, travel with your significant other, do it all. Life is lived when we live beyond our imagination. 

So, my dear feminine ladies, what are your thoughts? Is there anything else you’d add to living your best life? Share below! 


Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University

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