Disclaimer: There is no wrong way to peacefully protest. This blog post is for women who believe in standing up for justice without the cost of their bodies and femininity. 

(May 25, 2020) The incident that took place in Minneapolis killing George Floyd was indeed a terrible act. I, too, was incredibly disgusted when watching the disturbing video. I also want all 4 cops arrested and charged to the highest degree of accountability by the law. I, too, want justice to be served. 

Before I get into my message, let me set a premise. Feminine women are soft, dainty, delicate, and tender. The Lady University community is not for women who are okay with being rough around the edges, having a mouth of a sailor, nasty attitudes, personality, or anything that makes her appear masculine. Women in our community believe in practicing proper etiquette and keeping it feminine. Now that I’ve layered the premise let’s talk about being a social justice warrior. 

Now, I’m definitely not saying you do not have a voice. Women, we have a voice to be heard and understood. My message is simply to understand the art of feminine expression. Fighting, yelling, screaming are all masculine behavior. Can women get angry? Yes. Should women be able to fight for justice? Absolutely. However, let masculine-men take the lead in being on the physical front lines. 

Men are fighters. Men are warriors. They protect. Women, especially black women, have been taught to be hard, tough, and strong. Women have been trained to believe that wanting a man is weak. It is not – that’s another blog post. Being feminine doesn’t equate to being weak. It’s about operating from a different position.

“Ran by the men but the women keep the tempo…”


Protests are spreading throughout this nation, and it’s important to allow men the physical frontlines. The man is the head, women are the neck. The head can not move without the neck. Think about it. 

Let’s discuss feminine solutions. Here are ways to fight for justice and be heard while protecting your femininity. 

  1. Donate Money. If there is a cause or movement that you believe in, donate. You can support their mission by financially supporting them. 
  2. Volunteer. Find mentoring programs that support a task you’re passionate about and give your time. 
  3. Sign Petitions. Do the research and figure out how you can add your voice to a petition. Look at Meghan Marckle. 
  4. Call Officials. Make your voice heard by calling officials and expressing your views. 
  5. Boycott. Choose not to support a product, company, or business that directly goes against your core morals and/or values. 
  6. Write a letter. Take the time to eloquently express your concerns and send it to lead officials. 
  7. Start a Fundraiser. Create a mission to fundraise funds to support a leader who works to create the change you wish to see. 
  8. Get Active in the Community. Look up ways to help at a local level through a community board. 
  9. Encourage Men Around You. Take time to thank and support the men in your life and who are community leaders. Marry a philanthropist, humanitarian, or community leader who is passionate about causes important to you. 
  10. Be The Peace. Peacefully express your concerns and promote peace to others around you. 

Ladies, let’s talk about this. What are your thoughts on the recent events in America? Does pictures of women on the frontline trigger you? Share below.   


Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University

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