Ladies, I know we’ve talked about exerting too much masculine energy and why this hinders women from attracting the finer things in life. Well, I want to explain that yes, YOU do need some bit of masculine energy. It’s called balance. 

That doesn’t mean you need to curse like a sailor or show aggression. It also doesn’t mean you have to be against submission in a relationship (no judgment or shame if you do. That’s why you’re a part of Sisterhood). In this blog post, I want to discuss the masculine energy women should have for her personal evolution. Ladies, this isn’t a cookie-cutter matrix. Every woman is different, and every relationship dynamic is different. If you’re interested in advice and tips, keep reading! 

Ladies, please never think that feminine women shouldn’t ever work or be educated. 

Being capable of bringing in an income for yourself and/or your family is STILL a high-value feminine woman. If your sole purpose is to marry rich and never work – you may be setting yourself up for defeat. This is an indication of a low-value mentality. You are worth so much more.

Yes, hard work is masculine energy. However, if you believe you should rest in your feminine 24/7 without any bit of sacrifice for your family, you may be hurting yourself and your relationship. 

Again, let me share this as a disclaimer, every relationship dynamic is different. If all you’ve read above doesn’t apply to you, there is absolutely NO judgment. This blog post is for those who are, in fact, questioning if you should be working and going to school. 

The key is balance. 

You need both feminine energy and masculine energy to be a high-caliber woman. That balance could be 40/60, 30/70, 10/90, whatever works for you, but you need it. Trust me. 

Women who expect to be 100% feminine with 0% masculine energy are labeled weak. 

Think about it. That’s precisely what the argument people have with feminine women. We’re weak and are walked over. She has no skills, talents, and/or abilities to live outside of a man. Without her man, she’s clueless in the world. If anything ever goes wrong, she doesn’t have security. She depends wholeheartedly on a woman to even exist.
Do not be confused.

Feminine women can have masculine qualities. Masculine men lead with these qualities.

Here at Lady University, we inspire women to have it all. We encourage women to use their feminine energy to change the world around them, including themselves. Attract better relationships, friendships, respect, and self-confidence only by exerting feminine energy. 

The goal is not to simply find a rich husband and live off him. Yes, we want men to provide. I would even argue we want him to be the breadwinner; however, we must have skills and trades to add to the home. The goal is to live a lifestyle being loved and adored. Yes, aspire for marriage, but don’t wait for a man to give you that lifestyle. Most importantly, don’t settle with a man who isn’t loving and adoring you for the lifestyle. Have enough self-esteem to understand what you deserve, and if you’re single, you will work to get it. 

There are plenty of successful businesswomen who are feminine. 

What are your thoughts? 

How do you balance your energy? Does this change your perspective in any way? Share below!


Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University

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