Ladies, Lady University is inspiring you to embrace your femininity to grow into a woman that will attract high caliber men, friendships, respect, and self- confidence. Embracing femininity is a powerful tool if you’re wondering how to spot a high-caliber man. 

Here are some traits:

  1. He commits and is a man of his word. This man lives by integrity and firm principals. He is committed to his career, being himself, nurturing his friendships, and relationship with his woman. He is comfortable discussing commitment because he understands the value of loyalty in a relationship. He proudly gives his all in all that he does. 
  2. He prefers calling you vs. texting. If he’s texting more than calling, this may be a red flag. High-value men are interested in having deep intellectual conversations, and talking on the phone or in-person helps him gauge you. He is quite intelligent and understands, calling you gives him a reason to share more about himself and build initial trust. He has standards and cares about the type of woman he’s dating. He understands anything he considers valuable requires a certain level of attention. 
  3. He pays close attention to his appearance. High caliber men are interested in looking their best. He cares about the wrinkles in his shirt, the stain on his shoe, and even clips his nails if needed. Do not confuse this to wearing designer labels, the latest Jordans, or having reckless spending habits. Men’s value has more to do with how he treats his body from the inside out and self-care. The high caliber man isn’t feminine at all. He loves to smell good with just enough cologne. He cares to look presentable and will pay close attention to do just that.
  4. He doesn’t chase you; he attracts you. The high caliber man is a true gentleman by heart. His nature attracts women to him. He’s not desperate, and if you boldly say you aren’t interested, he will not stalk you. His energy draws you to him.  
  5. He’s exciting to be around. He lives by the motto, ‘work hard, play hard.’ He loves to joke and have a great time. He’s interested in making the best out of any outing. Even if he’s a bit introverted, he will still appear fun to be around.  
  6. He has a vision and is clear on his intentions. You will never have to guess if a highly valued man is interested in you. He will gauge if you’re someone he wants to be serious with from the first conversation. He knows what he has to offer and will not shy away from sharing his vision for family. He’s looking for a high caliber woman to share his vision with and add value to his life. 
  7. He speaks well and is well mannered. The highly valued man knows what it takes to be a gentleman. If he doesn’t know, he’s fully capable and open to learning. He’s gentle and doesn’t shy away from what he expects out of a relationship. If he sees a habit that bothers him, he will discuss it. He’s very logical and understands the importance of excellent communication and compromising. 
  8. He seeks to learn and understand your feelings and emotions and doesn’t shut down when you express them. A high caliber man isn’t ignorant to the fact women are emotional creatures. He is interested in learning your past hurt, pain, fears, and goals and dreams. He doesn’t take advantage of your vulnerability state. He instead uses it as an opportunity to bond and grow closer together. He values intimacy through conversation and getting to know you first. 
  9. He loves intimate conversations with you. High Caliber men study you. They want to know your love language and strive to make you happy by doing things to bring a smile to your face. He loves to dive deep on topics to discuss with you. He’s a well-rounded man who has lots of wisdom to share. He loves to challenge your mind. He asks questions and shows interest in learning from the inside out.
  10. He LOVES to put a smile on his woman’s face. The high caliber man is interested in making you happy. If you aren’t satisfied with sitting in a booth, the chair it is. If you don’t like what you ordered, he’ll probably trade plates with you. A highly valued man is a protector and provider. He takes pride in making sure you always have a smile on your face, and you’re comfortable. 

There are so many ways of spotting a high caliber man. Ladies, if you find a guy exhibited these traits in the beginning, yet things took a turn. You may need to observe the realness of the relationship or take a look at yourself. Are you exhibiting traits of a high caliber woman? A highly valued man is always looking for a direct reflection of him? Guys, if you’re reading this wondering what you’re doing wrong to push that highly valued woman away, study these qualities and try again. I’ll be back with the qualities of highly valued women. 

Anything you’d add? Comment below!

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