If you’ve ever wondered what Lady University is about, this blog post will explain exactly what we’re about. I will get into the secret to winning but first let me plug who we are. Lady University is more than a lifestyle brand – we are a sisterhood committed to bringing back the authentic morals of women to gain healthier relationships, earned respect and self- confidence. Our mission is to school women on the importance of displaying femininity and womanhood. Simple. We encourage our followers to live “The Lady Lifestyle!” That means you should become obsessed with being a better woman and getting your life together!

The Power of Femininity:

We believe that the media and pop culture is STRONGLY corrupting the authentic morals of young girls and women. Women, especially black women are in unhealthy stagnant relationships, draining and toxic friendships, looked down by how they present themselves on the television and show signs of low self-esteem and confidence. If you’ve ever wondered why we are here, this is why created this platform. Too many women are losing their values and morals for likes and shares. We want to essentially help women gain healthier relationships…. love relationships and friendships. That means dating men QUALITY men with purpose, and build healthy friendships that are nurturing your next level of life. We’ll get into the criteria of a quality man later… have you subscribed to our blog. That’s a whole topic we have to discuss in more depth. As for friends, we’re here to teach you how to build friendships that are evolutional. Develop friends that nurture your next level in life. Through our teaching you’ll no longer settle for stagnant friendships that drain and keep you back.

Lady University will teach you how to gain earned respect from the outside world. Through our teaching you’ll begin to encounter polite people, men who desire and respect you, opened doors, admiration from other women and men and so much more. You’ll become a goddess and to be frank, freely get what you want and desire in life simply by being you – a feminine woman!

Lastly, Lady University teaching will surely help build your self-confidence. You’ll look better, feel better, speak better, and live better all because you’re aware of the “REAL” power of femininity. Now are you ready for the secret? The secret to winning at life as a feminine woman is simply keeping it feminine – being soft, dainty, wholesome, everything feminine. No really, that’s it. Ladies, Keep. It. Feminine. The more you express your feminine qualities, the softer side, the easier it is to win at life and all that you desire. It’s really just that simple. Okay, I won’t say it’s that simple because I understand it’s difficult for some women to exhibit these traits naturally. Some women are really lost (if I can be frank), when it comes to being a soft feminine woman. A “Real” woman has sooo many definitions these days. However, that’s why you’re a part of this blog. We’re going to give you all the TEA to the secret to winning at life.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

When you hear the word “feminine”, you probably think wearing heels, lipstick and twisting your hips while your walk. Femininity is defined in so many ways in today’s society. Some women think femininity is simply being a woman. If this is you, you definitely want to follow us because to be frank, femininity has little to do with being a woman and more to do with how you carry yourself. BUT…. that’s another story. Keep following 😉

We’re 15 days into the 2020 and if we’re really thinking about evolving as a woman, it starts with how you treat the things you have and how you CURRENTLY carry yourself. It’s time to purge and organize yourself as a woman. In order to be perceived as a woman, we must act like it and look like it, right?! If this isn’t your norm, I’ll be honest and say it’s not easy, however, it’s definitely worth it.

A clean space is feminine. – @LadyUniversity

PURGE (If it isn’t feminine, toss it!)

  1. Empty your entire closet. If you have tons of clothes, break it down into 2-3 parts. Choose what you’d like to purge. When choosing what to keep, here are a few questions to ask yourself.
    a. Does it fit?
    b. Have I worn it within the last 3 months.
    c. Would I currently wear it in the next month?
    d. If I could purchase it again, would I?
    e. Is it feminine?

    If you answered no to 2 or more of these, throw it in a pile. This pile is items that you loved when purchased but have possibly grown out of. We’ll talk about this pile at the end of this post.


  1. It’s time to FaceTime your girlfriends and/or invite them over to go through those items. Try them on and think about when the next time can you wear that item. If you don’t see yourself wearing it within the next 6 weeks, it’s time to organize a swap party.


  1. This is the best part. Organize your closet into sections like dresses, sweaters, blouses, jeans, pants/tights, and whatever works for your style of clothing. If you have mismatched hangers, grab velvet hangers, it’s classier! You can grab them at TJ Maxx.

This should be exciting. Organize your closet to reflect your current stage in life. This should be a time to begin living #TheLadyLifestyle and embracing being a woman!

It is true that all women don’t have to be feminine. This article isn’t for those who feel don’t feel a need to be feminine. In this article, we will dive in on the essence of being feminine and why it’s important. A true feminine woman understands the perks of exhibiting her feminine traits. She understands her feminine energy can change the world around her. A true feminine woman understands being feminine is her secret weapon. Feminine women RUN. THE. WORLD. 

If you want the secret to being a powerful woman, keep reading. You’re in for a treat! 

Femininity energy comes natural for some women. Women need to understand femininity is your super power. In today’s society, women are becoming less feminine. 

Femininity inspires men to be masculine.

Femininity is kindness, grace, sexuality without being too sexual, it’s subtle subduction. Feminine qualities are being a quality wife, mother to your children, and friend. It’s being kind, soft, allure, mystery, wholesome, dainty, and the list goes on. Femininity is the opposite of masculinity. 

In the future, I will share how to spot a good masculine men. Today, we’re stick to not being a masculine woman to attract your masculine man.

  1. You curse excessively. Cursing is a part of your every sentence and you can’t express yourself without a word slipping out every 2 sentences.  A foul mouth is unattractive. It’s unfeminine, unladylike and definitely unappealing to men and all professionals for that matter. Excessive cursing is tasteless and an embarrassment.
  2. You’re easily confrontational. If you find yourself, always yelling, screaming and ready to curse someone out, you’re definitely exhibiting a masculine trait. Confrontational women have nasty speaking voices. Having an attitude isn’t cute or feminine. It screams, hard, tough and all things masculine. 
  3. You often look unkempt at home and in public. Neglecting to keep yourself up is very masculine. The reality is men are visual creatures. Men appreciate a beautiful feminine woman. Women comfortable wearing baggy clothing, paint chipped nails, unclean hair, strongly exposed artificial hair, bad breath, will appear masculine. Men notice all of this. Feminine women are clean and allergic to unkempt things. 
  4. You don’t like to be vulnerable. If you’re uncomfortable with men opening doors, assisting you with becoming a better woman, or you like to boastfully call yourself “Miss Independent”, you are definitely exerting masculine traits. The words of Steve Harvey, “Men love to provide, protect and profess their love.” Masculine men like to feel needed. If you’re taking that away from him, you’re appearing to be a masculine woman. If you are uncomfortable saying you want a man, you’re exerting masculine energy.
  5. You hate the term submission. You can’t be feminine if you don’t understand how to be submissive to a good man. Men are born to lead. Women turned off by the art of submission, are definitely exerting masculine traits. Masculine women feel controlled, oppressed, dictated, and/or dominated by submitting Masculine women engage in power struggles with men. Femininine women understand this and are receptive.

Thoughts? What would you add to the list of feminine qualities. Share below.

Self-love, confidence, self-worth, self-esteem are core values every girl needs transitioning into womanhood. The 20th Century has sadly changed the way we view these values. People are dehumanizing the value of working on self and honestly, it needs to stop!  

If you don’t know, Lady University is a lifestyle brand to help build women up. We’re always super excited to share tips on building character and self-esteem with the girls in the mentoring program

Self-esteem is all about loving your self. It’s okay to be selfish when you’re thinking of yourself.

Self-esteem = How much we like ourselves

3 Ways to Build Self Esteem:


1. Do something you’re naturally good at

What are you naturally good at or enjoy doing? Regularly doing things that you are good at reinforces your belief in your abilities and strengths. Maybe you’re naturally good at organizing parties. Your friends can always count on you to deliver and it’s natural for you. Find that thing that’s easy for you. 

2. Have goals and create a plan

Having a goal alone won’t do much if you don’t have a plan to execute it. One of the biggest reasons people get lazy is because they don’t have a plan to achieve their goals. They don’t know what the next step is and start to wander off randomly. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there. Write it out. It works, trust. 

3. Don’t. I repeat… Don’t compare yourself with others

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Low-self esteem stems from the feeling of being inferior. Don’t worry about what your friends are doing. Don’t get frustrated if it’s taking longer to complete a goal. You never know what a person went through to get to where they are. Don’t judge and definitely don’t try to compete. Compete against yourself.

Those are a couple tips we’re sharing for building self-esteem. It’s normal to have emotions of feeling down but don’t stay there. Get back motivated and build your confidence. Share a time you felt down and how did you overcame it?

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