If you’ve ever wondered what Lady University is about, this blog post will explain exactly what we’re about. I will get into the secret to winning but first let me plug who we are. Lady University is more than a lifestyle brand – we are a sisterhood committed to bringing back the authentic morals of women to attract healthier relationships, earned respect and self- confidence. Our mission is to school women on the importance of displaying femininity and womanhood. Simple. We encourage our followers to live “The Lady Lifestyle!” That means you should become obsessed with being a better woman and getting your life together!

The Power of Femininity:

We believe that the media and pop culture is STRONGLY corrupting the authentic morals of young girls and women. Women, especially black women are in unhealthy stagnant relationships, draining and toxic friendships, looked down by how they present themselves on the television and show signs of low self-esteem and confidence. If you’ve ever wondered why we are here, this is why created this platform. Too many women are losing their values and morals for likes and shares. We want to essentially help women attract healthier relationships…. love relationships and friendships. That means dating men QUALITY men with purpose, and build healthy friendships that are nurturing your next level of life. We’ll get into the criteria of a quality man later… have you subscribed to our blog. That’s a whole topic we have to discuss in more depth. As for friends, we’re here to teach you how to build friendships that are evolutional. Develop friends that nurture your next level in life. Through our teaching you’ll no longer settle for stagnant friendships that drain and keep you back.

Lady University will teach you how to become respected and nurtured from the outside world. Through our teaching you’ll begin to encounter polite people, men who desire and respect you, opened doors, admiration from other women and men and so much more. You’ll become a goddess and to be frank, freely get what you want and desire in life simply by being you – a feminine woman!

Lastly, Lady University teaching will surely help build your self-confidence. You’ll look better, feel better, speak better, and live better all because you’re aware of the “REAL” power of femininity. Now are you ready for the secret? The secret to winning at life as a feminine woman is simply keeping it feminine – being soft, dainty, wholesome, everything feminine. No really, that’s it. Ladies, Keep. It. Feminine. The more you express your feminine qualities, the softer side, the easier it is to win at life and all that you desire. It’s really just that simple. Okay, I won’t say it’s that simple because I understand it’s difficult for some women to exhibit these traits naturally. Some women are really lost (if I can be frank), when it comes to being a soft feminine woman. A “Real” woman has sooo many definitions these days. However, that’s why you’re a part of this blog. We’re going to give you all the TEA to the secret to winning at life.

Hope you enjoy the ride!


Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University

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