All woman are beautiful. We all have heard that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Oddly, we rarely hear we are the beholder. We can get so busy looking for others to recognize or notice our beauty that we forget that we have the power to notice it first. In this blog, I’d like to share the secrets to beauty that we’ve never formally be taught. In fact, this is the dharma of any woman.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is an aspect of truth or reality. For example, if you’re decide to feed the hungry for the soul purchase to relieve their hunger, this is dharma. If you choose to fee the hungry to receive publicity or to shine, this is actually called adharma. Just like the dharma of sugar is to be sweet, and the dharma of fire is to be burning, the dharma of woman is to be beautiful. If you’re interested in more of this, please share in the comments below!

To flood in your beauty you must understand how to be in tuned with your trust self. Be raw. Organic. Authentic.

When a woman becomes fully in tuned with her feminine self, she will naturally flow in her beauty.

Beauty isn’t only about the our human shell, but the inner self. A feminine woman in her element has beauty all around her. She is beauty so it’s also what she attracts. She is powerful.

5 Ways to Naturally Flow in Your Beauty:

Body beauty. This beauty is what’s most discussed when someone notices beauty. She takes care of herself. A woman’s body is her masterpiece. She focuses on her skin, hair, appearance, weight on a daily basis. When a beautiful woman walks into a room, as Ciara’s hubby states, ” the room tilts!” She looks good, smells good and is pleasant to the eyes. She creates peace and harmony just by being in the room.

Consciousness beauty.  This beauty is one of the most unlooked beauties of a woman. How she keeps things in order around her. Her home looks like her – fresh flowers, curtains, paintings, freshly designed bathroom and bedroom. Her closet is neatly organized. She’s particular about what she wears at home, beauty lounging dresses, slippers, beautiful lingerie, and bed sheets. Her home screams harmony and peace. The same goes for her car.

Eating beauty. She is conscious what she puts into her body and while she savors, she’s focus on the moment. She eats slowly, tasting each bite, with elegance and authentic feeling of pleasure. She eats gracefully and creates a special occasion around her. When you eat with a feminine beautiful woman, you enjoy her company.

Talking beauty. Beauty is also shown through your thoughts and what you say. The law of attraction is real. A feminine beautiful woman speaks only great things about herself and others. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. She manifests the love, life and world she desires. When we are balanced with our thoughts as much as we are with our outer appearance, we are seen more beautiful than ever. She doesn’t curse like a sailor, she isn’t rude, or nasty with her remarks. A feminine beautiful woman expresses herself with elegance and style. She doesn’t pollute the world with demeaning messages or thinking. She’s conscious with the energy she puts out.

All around beauty. She lives and moves through beauty. She takes her time and completes what she starts. She makes up her bed. Puts her clothes away. Focuses on getting 8-10 hours of sleep. A beautiful feminine woman is hydrated. She eats 2-3 times daily. She enjoys self-care.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. We’re are beauty – inside and out. This is truly our dharma, our purpose and goal on this earth. Once we learn to master how to flow in beauty with these 5 tips, we’ll understand how beautiful we truly are.

Stay beautiful, loves!


Lover of all things feminine! Founder & CEO of Lady University

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